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I have to replace the battery in my Asus laptop and I've checked online for a replacement. I've found on Amazon this battery : ZTHY C21N1818-1 Battery Replacement for Asus VivoBook 15 F512FA F512DA F512FJ F512FL F512JA X512FA X512FB X512FL X512FJ X512DA A512UF X512JP R564DA R564FA R564JA S512DK S512FA S512FB K512FA P1504JA : Electronics

However I read this "There are two battery C21N1818 and C21N1818-1, they are not compatible with each other. Please choose which one you are going to replace and according to your laptop's original battery" and I don't know which one to pick... I don't really want to open my laptop to check inside the battery information and do it again when I get the new battery, it's really a pain to open it...

I hope you can help me, thanks for your consideration.

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