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Can someone advise me what the best way is to create a new partition and drive?
(I need for both Windows 7 and Vista)

I want to use the new drive to store data


Are there any recommended Open Source programs?

Can I do within windows itself?

I'm looking for a fool proof solution



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No method is "fool-proof". Always back up before making system changes.
I might argue with no fool proof method ... and agree with the Back Up.

Drive 1 was made by Imaging a good W7 system as a backup.
(I hear that Macrium is good, but I use Acronis)

Then a new drive was recovered from the Image backup .. And told how big to make the system partition.
Then, using windows, a separate data partition was added.

It makes no sense to me to have a second HDD for Data backup only ..
Why not also use it to have a functional System backup.
Drive 2 was originally a clone of Drive 1


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you can do some resizing etc within windows..can create partitions as well
The problem is you will can get a message saying that you cant create any more primary partitions...on some big boxed systems as the already have them used up.
partition shrinking is limited..sometimes you can shrink alot sometimes you cant
Control panel
Administrative tools
Computer management
Disk management

Go down to the graphs......right click on a partition and select shrink

It shrinks the "tail end" of the partition ...The "start" of the partition stays put.

If you want more flexibility you can try Gparted...its free and easy to use

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I might argue with no fool proof method ...
You would lose, Noyb. They make better fools every day. No program or method can keep pace with them. :)

Sometimes Window's Disk Management will do whatever partitioning you want to do, but I am also on the Easusus Partition Master bandwagon. And use GParted when booting to Windows is impossible or not feasible.
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