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what to do in Miami??

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I will be in Miami for about 3-4 days, so what do you guys reccommend for things to do?

It will be me and my gf, and we will be there in mid may for 4 days or so. What are some attractions that you reccommend? keep in mind that we will not have a car, so everywhere we need to go, we will need to take a bus........
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Too bad you are taking your girlfriend, there would be plenty to do. Just kidding. The beach of course, clubs and tons of restaurants.
well, besides the beach and food, are there any places to see??
Try South Beach. Dang dude, you got great beaches full of pretty women and warm water to swim in. Why not go hang out at the beach, kick back and have some beers, and then enjoy the mind-blowing sunset. Then go party all night long - hit all the bars, lounges and clubs. Pick up some friendly little hottie (maybe leave that part out if you really did bring your girlfriend), and then you are golden. Beaches, warm weather, food, liquor and sex... what else do you need? Truly paradise on earth. :up:

Enjoy! :)
Miami's kind of big, especially if you don't have a car.

There's plenty of attractions listed at and

I'd recommend a midnight viewing of the Rocky Horror picture show in Coconut Grove. The last time I went was in 1986, but if it's still running, you should see some good performanes by the locals!!;):D

Little Havana is a must for some good food. Shame you missed the Calle Ocho Festival which was in March. that is a great time.

You'll find plenty of Nightclubs and bars that don't close, and loads of shopping.

Personal suggestion . . . when you get to Miami, get on a bus down to Key West, and spend your 3 days there!! that has a lot more to see and do!!!:up:
Say hello to Oldies friends too - bloody Mosquitoes :mad:
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