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I have both running on the Dell system right now and it seems like 2 programs doing the same thing. Except I think I like WinPatrol better because it has a decent startup manager from what I can tell(use it more on the LG Notebook)

Are these two program infact doing the same job? Which one do you prefer? Why?

Also I have a bunch of programs that Im trying out right now. Any suggestions or comments on my selection are welcome. Which programs do you guys use? Why?

Programs currently in use(running in background):
-AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Free Edition
-AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 Trial
-WinPatrol Free Edition
-PrevX Trial
-SpywareGaurd Free

Programs used to Scan/Block/Clean/Protect:
-AdAware SE Personal w/ Tweaks Patch (still on default, need to find link to suggested tweaks)
-CrapCleaner-for junk cleanup(not sure whether i like it, looking for replacement)
-EasyCleaner-for registry cleanup (need to learn more about it)
-Spybot S&D - (just started to play around with it in Advanced Mode)
-Spyware Blaster
-Windows Defender

Utility Arsenal:
-Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - checks security risks
-AIDA32 - system info(mostly replaced below)
-PC Wizard - system info
-SpeedFan - fan and temp control (can only measure CPU and HDD temps/no fan control on my Dell-not sure about)
-Perfect Disk - Trial (really like it. wanna get the full version)

Programs I'd like to try or switch to:
Avast! - I just haven't been given a reason to try it cause AVG seems to work just fine
ZoneAlarm - tried it once but I didn't like all the pop ups about what can and can't access (I've been told there's setting for this but haven't played with it yet)
Acronis PartitionExpert - I need a good Partition editing program but it costs $$$
Norton Ghost - I want to reformat my new Dell, Partition it and Make my own backup(image) not using windows restore (also thinking about Acronis True Image)
System Mechanic 7
Registry Mechanic

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I have WinPatrol Plus and love it and would not be without it.
I stopped using SpywareGaurd because I think WinPatrol covers me.

Have not tried Prevx but then again I have 98 so it will not work on it either.

Get a router and a good hosts file behind a good firewall and your be locked down pretty good. Yea stay away from IE. Get Firefox and NoScript.

On ZoneAlarm when you install it you can do it two ways. Let ZA pick how to deal with programs or you can do it on your own. But then your get more pop-ups.
You got setting too like the learn mode etc and once you have used all programs that need to get out then you can up the settings. I have my setting as high as they can go.
Also how you deal with program can be changed after a install and your get the same two options to pick from again you get when you install ZA.
Go to Program Control, main tab and click the Program Wizard button.
A window will popup and your have your two options to pick from.

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Basically you need one real-time protection program in three catagories, anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall.

1 Anti-virus - AVG Anti-Virus, this is good and you won't see much of a change with Avast.

2 Firewall - Get ZoneAlarm, but use the Windows Firewall until you do.

3 Anti-Spyware - Here's where you went a little overboard. You can have several scanners, but more than one real-time program is overkill.

WinPatrol Free Edition - This is the one you should probably keep.

AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 Trial - The paid version has real-time protection, I would just keep the free version as a scanner.

PrevX Trial - Another real-time program, I wouldn't pay for it, there are free alternatives.

SpywareGaurd - Another real-time program, if you keep WinPatrol you don't need it.

Windows Defender - Another real-time program if it runs at start-up, you could keep it as a scanner, but it's more trouble than it's worth.

Scanners - Keep AdAware SE and Spybot S&D, but don't use Spybot Teatimer, another real-time program. But go ahead and use Spybot 'Immunize' and hosts file. Also keep SpywareBlaster and keep all three of these updated.

General Cleanup - I would keep both Crap Cleaner and EasyCleaner, they're both very good.

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My comments. In general you have overkill. Sometimes less is more.

Uninstall Windows Defender... is pretty much useless. Stay with AVG antispyware, Ad aware.
Uninstall spyware updates and other programs take care of this
Uninstall patrol takes care of this
Baseline, Aida32,PC wizard, speed fan not needed
System Mechanic 7 and Registry Mechanic not needed

Try AWC: It does what several other programs does. plus it's free
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