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What program are these files for

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I found these files in the " Program Files " and I don't know what they are or what programs they are associated with.
Any help would be appreciated !
( the kids could have loaded something I am unaware of ? )

Thanks in advance,


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If it were on my computer, I'd look in the main folder for its .exe file, right click on it, go to Properties and look for information about it there.

I guess I'd also open that .exe file and see what program results.

I did find a reference to a program named Instant Access on this page indicating it's a trojan dialer. Checked your phone bill? ;)
I think InstallShield is a type of "boiler plate" install/uninstall program. Specifically, if I recall, it's written and used by various other programs to install/uninstall. That way the programmers for that particular program won't have to write installation part of the program, thereby reducing the time and cost of the program.
Miz & jnibori ....

Sorry for the delay in answering back,
I appreciate your replying to my question ... I will follow up with the suggestions and post back.

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