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what isCNBabe.dll

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Does anyone know what this is and how to replace it? I apparently deleted it and everytime I start up I get this message:" Error loading C:\Programs\Common Names\Toolbar\CNBabe.dll". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Gun_for_Hire

You don't want it - it's spyware

Please Download and install SpyBot,

click the online tab to search for and download the updates, then shut down and relaunch SpyBot.

Go to the Settings tab > File Sets, and uncheck 'System Internals' and 'Tracks' .
These aren't needed for our present purpose, and you can always experiment with them later on.

Finally, after closing down Internet Explorer, click 'Check for problems', and have SpyBot remove all it finds 'Fix selected problems'

you may have to run spybot more than once to clear everything

If this does not get rid of your error message also - you can untick it in msconfig or delete the registry key

let us know

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Thanks for the info, I am dling spybot now and should have that little spyware taken care of.
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