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What hard drive enclosure? - 1999 fujitsu drive

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Hello, I've finally got around to removing the hard drive from a 20 year old tower pc.

What hard drive enclosure (is that what they are called?) do I need to be able to access the data on the drive?
Any recommendations?
Also, is there anything I should be careful with, any 'watch outs' when doing this - or is it pretty straight forward?

It's a: Fujitsu MPD3084AT -P2 ID: YFIB


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Hi, and welcome to TSG.

Your hard drive has an IDE/ATA interface according to this C|NET review:

If you just want to see what is on the drive and maybe copy files from it to another computer, you could use a USB adapter with power supply to operate it without any kind of enclosure. Here is an example of one that I purchased a few years ago to recover data from different hard drives.

EDIT: What you may need to watch out for are the jumper settings on your drive as far as Master/Slave/Cable Select operation is concerned. Whatever adapter you use, it should have instructions on the correct jumper setting. The wrong setting will not damage the drive, but you will not be able to operate it.
Hi, thank you for this reply. I bought something like this, which seemed ok, but the power supply connection was wrong. What kind of power supply would I need to get this to work?
... I bought something like this ...
I am not seeing any information about exactly what you purchased.
Some of these adapters come with a 12 v power supply & a (round) socket to plug it into, Get 5 v from usb conn.
Ones without, you need to get a power supply with a 12 v + 5 v "molex" power plug for the hdd. (plus adapter for sata drives if you want to use it for them)

(You can find cheaper ones than this) (basically, this is what you would need, tho ^)

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