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What do you prefer?

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Intel or Amd, or both, and why? I am just curious, I think both processors are good in their own way. This is not to start an argument. Personally, I prefer Intel, and will leave it at that.
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I have two personal systems; intel 7600k [overclocked to 4.5gig] and an AMD ryzen 1700x [overclocked to 3.9gig]
Both work well however my preference is to use the ryzen system. Ryzen has incredible performance however to achieve said performance requires careful tuning in the bios. Ram speed, vcore, vdimm and cpu speed have to be set manually along with many bios updates.

With an intel, you can just slap parts together and it works; not so much with ryzen. My ryzen system literally blows the intel out of the water on multicore benchmarks [doubling the cinebench score] On realbench, the ryzen system out scores the intel by approx 35%
Intel here...I figure if it's good enough for NASA... ;)

Had one AMD system, burned out pretty quick. Not that I stressed it much...
Though cheaper but beloved by overclockers, AMD components vs Intel have been a horse race to see who wins by a nose on several specification fronts...every six months or so... performance marks are posted by review sites regularly.
Same with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Intel has been more reliable for me, but as they say, your mileage may vary.
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