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What Are You Watching? Plus Media Industry News

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VHS/BETA Max? Laser Disc? DVD? HD DVD/BD? Movie Theater? Live Theater? Streaming? Cable TV? Satellite? Antenna?

📺 I'm watching Game Of Thrones - season 5 on DVD
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About to watch the carnage at Talladega for 500 miles at 200+ mph!
Wait, do they all drive at 200mph for the 500 miles, or is that the top speed? Assuming its a track.
They turn laps at about an average of 195, or so. And, yes, it is a track, about 2.66 miles around.
Good grief, that's a high speed to turn corners, bet its a tense thing to watch.

Watched The Son on Amazon this weekend. Very good, not giving it away but watch it, and only read the Amazon synopsis as it's the best way for this film ;)

Also think this was a great role for Hugh Jackman, so used to his bravado stuff, nice to see other sides of actors.
Cup race at Dover. Concrete 1 mile track with lap speeds averaging about 150.
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Cup race at Dover. Concrete 1 mile track with lap speeds averaging about 150.
Ditto. :)
Cup race at Kansas.
Penguin Town, awesome series, very enjoyable
Leafs and Panthers game
Citadel episode 3

Looks like the cord cutting trend continues
Death of Cable TV: Why Cable and Satellite Industry are Losing Millions of Subscribers?

Cord-Cutting Hits All-Time High in Q1, as U.S. Pay-TV Subscriptions Fall to Lowest Levels Since 1992
Cup race at Darlington on a "throw-back" weekend.
🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️Bicycling tours on utube
Bikingpacking the GDMBR -
Bikepacking the Baja Divide

3461 - 3480 of 3502 Posts