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What Are You Watching? Plus Media Industry News

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VHS/BETA Max? Laser Disc? DVD? HD DVD/BD? Movie Theater? Live Theater? Streaming? Cable TV? Satellite? Antenna?

📺 I'm watching Game Of Thrones - season 5 on DVD
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Just finished watching Physical: 100 on Netflix. It was like watching a mirror image of me ...I wish (sat there on the sofa with a beer) :D

It was great, did the old 'lets see what episode 1 is like' and then we were hooked. Some of the quests they had to do were insane.

If you do watch it and you're okay with reading subtitles, then go for that route. We started off with the default dubbing, and I think there was only 4 main voices you could hear, and if I could track down the woman who kept yelling 'don't get caught, don't get caught' over and over again, I would..... Needless to say, i have a feeling that in reality they never said that phrase, as it was translating what they thought it should be. When we went to subtitles with original voices, ahhhh, so much better.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- BBC 6 part version. I like this version better than the later movie.
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I do like the movie though....very well done.

And obv, books are better. :)
The books were very good!

Have you seen the BBC series? The theme music is an obscure Eagles tune, Journey of the Sorcerer.
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Indeed I have sir. Big Adams fan here. :)
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"Brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take you to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction." Marvin the despondent robot.
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- BBC 6 part version. I like this version better than the later movie.
I liked the this version better than the movie. I think the only way to watch it online is to watch it on BritBox.
Opening Day part of the year is the next 6 months. :)
F1 GP Australia
Sunday, Apr. 2 3:30 PM ET
Toyota Owners 400
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Yellow Automotive lighting

Richmond Raceway
Richmond, Virginia- 400 laps / 300 miles 🏁

Surface Asphalt
Length 0.750 miles (1.207 km)
Turns 4
Banking 14° in turns
8° on frontstretch
2° on backstretch
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Tripping Train 185

Offering a front row seat on one of Ontario's most beautiful and unique rail lines, Tripping Train 185 takes viewers on a mesmerizing 480 km train journey northwest from Sudbury to White River. For some northern Ontario communities, the "Budd" train is their main connection to the outside world. These vintage rail cars are the only ones still working.For over 100 years, Train 185 has ferried both people and their goods along this storied "flag stop" route.

This is the 4th tripping documentary in the series
The Masters. I would give a LOT to play that course, but not like this. Sloppy mess and I am loving watching these guys struggle.
Later on............................

Sunday, Apr. 9 7:00 PM ET
Food City Dirt Race
Car Cloud Tire Vehicle Sky

Bristol Motor Speedway
Bristol, Tennessee- 250 laps / 125.5 miles 🏁

Surface Clay
Length 0.533 miles (0.858 km)
Turns 4
Banking Turns: 22–24°
Straights: 9°
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Right there with you, knuck! Don't mind dirt track racing, it's pretty cool, but to destroy Bristol like this! Bristol is a fun, cool track by itself. Use a real dirt track, if you must.
Recording the race.

Watching The Virginian
Kinda a cross betwixt Watching and Listening...
Was watching the movie Oblivion and went to listen to the Led Zep tune "Ramble On" (featured in the movie) when I came across this jewel of a cover.
At first I thought, Man-o-man, Plant has let his estrogen levels get to his thighs... ;)
Then realized it's the cover band Lexington Lab Band :cool:

And I'll double post in the Listening thread :)
Having to flip between MotoGP at COTA and Indycar at Long Beach. What genius scheduled all three (Nascar at Martinsville as well) to start at 3 pm....:rolleyes:
Island of the Sea Wolves - a great documentary on Netflix, and the narrator is brilliant
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