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What Are You Listening to #14

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Ritchie Blackmore -- Hall of the Mountain King

Cool version of Edvard Grieg's classic ...
Vastly underrated guitarist. Got all the Rainbow albums.
Bloodsimple - Red Harvest
Earthgazer - Terrorform

And belive it or not, the album I was listening to before was Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight.

Love the title track as well :)
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Ted Nugent -- Great White Buffalo

The best way to describe this song is "anthemic". I've always loved Ronnie's voice and, unlike a lot of his peers, you can tell he was actually a trained singer.
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Echoes (though Amazon music calls them The Echoes) - Nature|Existence (Progressive metal from Venezuela). Kinda makes me think of Dream Theater in their style of songs, and guitar playing.
Its amazing what I can find on Amazon Music :)

Lauren Housley - Girl From The North (enjoying this, complete difference to my 'above music' :D )
Unleash The Archers - Abyss
That was great to watch and listen to :)
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