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What Antivirus Program Uses The Least Resources?

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I'm looking to install one of the big name companies trial antivirus product but want to know the one that uses the least or low resources.
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I use F-Secure and I love it! No complaints, no reason to change. It has never said it couldn't remove something but then very little gets by it in the first place. I have been recommending AVG to friends who don't wish to fork out cash but I have been noticing that most people who are looking for help with viruses are using this or NOrtON. AVG does not have real time scanning after trial is over. I think I will start recommending Avast to them after I look into it a bit more. I would like to prevent a virus from getting on in the first place rather than having to remove it. Practice safe browsing habits. Don't open email you aren't expecting or from people you don't know. Scan attachments b4 opening even from friends. I use IE7 and Firefox but just came across an add-on for Firefox called NoScript which seems to work excellent. So I will probably just use it except for windows updates which must be used with IE. Firefox also has a rendering engine add-on for use with sites that only want to work with IE making it possible to use Firefox on those sites. My computer came preinstalled with NOrtON and I cannot get over how much faster my computer is now compared to then. Another reason I personally didn't like NOrtON is because I accidentally denied access to web for a program once and had a real problem reversing it. HPs' solution to this was to do a restore as they couldn't figure any other way to reverse it either.
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MMJ said:
AVG anti virus free (not anti spyware) does have realtime scanning.
I will admit that two of the people I recommended it to have had no problems. Safe browsing habits have to help. AVG was originally suggested to me by a friend who is an expert and says that myself and anyone else who pays for security needs to have their head examined with all the free stuff available. lol. F-Secure is free for me supplied by my ISP.
person said:
You were probably using Norton Internet Security, I've used and have found its firewall to be very annoying but then that was the 2004 versions, it might have improved by now. I prefer to use separate programs for different things rather than bundles as I think they're more affective. I don't actually use Norton but I use Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition(full version) but it's a few years out of date. It doesn't seem to use many resources but then again Norton products seem to. Because it's so old automatic updates only work after almost a week in between each update but I can get daily ones online.
Mine was 2005.
What about connection speed? I am sure most AV programs can handle 28Kb/s, but what about broadband? That is another reason I like mine as it is my ISP supplying and my connection is usually very close to max. I was thinking that was one reason NOrtON was so much slower than this as maybe it couldn't handle the speed. Does this apply?
ferrija1 said:
:confused: Besides when you update your AV, your download speed does not matter at all.......
I wasn't talking about updates and don't know where that came from.
I meant for real time scanning of everything coming to computer. Does not everything go through the anti-virus program first? I am sure it does on my computer as I have had my anti-virus program come up and tell me a file is infected, do I want to continue with the download or delete? This is why I will not open documents from College at home anymore. I think the A drive is still spinning on my old computer.
So I guess I am to assume all AV programs can process information at the same speed?
There is no difference whether it is coming at approx. 28 000 b/s or 10 000 000 b/s?
I am a beginner so an explanation would be very welcome!
My only problem with AVG is: Look at the security forum. Most people requesting help to remove spyware and virus' are using AVG or NOrtON. AVG, after trial runs out does not provide realtime protection. I like the idea of not getting it as opposed to needing it removed.
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