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What Antivirus Program Uses The Least Resources?

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I'm looking to install one of the big name companies trial antivirus product but want to know the one that uses the least or low resources.
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radspanner said:
im not sure how these things are measured,but most folks swear by AVG
I am looking for a big campany product though.
I was wondering is BitDefender an antivirus program?
Also how do you cope with today's programs with a computer like that? Then again it was only a few years ago I was using a Pentium II 233 or 234Mhz computer with 40mb ram, wasn't connected to the net with it though.
I was referring to just the antivirus package, for some reason I thought BitDefender products were more additional security orientated rather than traditional style. I have downloaded the free version 8, I assume it's free because it's a bit out of date but I haven't installed it yet. I realize free products can be very useful but I have found that they often don't compare in features or security to paid for products.
Ages ago I used the free version you spoke of but I can no longer find it and there updates weren't very regular
You were probably using Norton Internet Security, I've used and have found its firewall to be very annoying but then that was the 2004 versions, it might have improved by now. I prefer to use separate programs for different things rather than bundles as I think they're more affective. I don't actually use Norton but I use Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition(full version) but it's a few years out of date. It doesn't seem to use many resources but then again Norton products seem to. Because it's so old automatic updates only work after almost a week in between each update but I can get daily ones online.
TOGG said:
Check the ratings of the various products here; (the 2006 summary).

I use NOD32 because it is light on resources (essential when you have a 450Mhz CPU and 128 MB of Ram!) and routinely achieves ADVANCED+ in the various tests.
The site doesn't seem to have any information of the amount of resources each program uses.
TOGG said:

I didn't mean to suggest that provided resource use figures (I'm not sure how anybody could, given that it all depends on the individual computer?).

My point was that NOD32 (and some others) get consistently high ratings at detecting malware (much better than some others mentioned here). It is a matter for each individual as to how much notice they take of 'tests' such as these, but I'm very happy with NOD.

My computer is ancient and has limited resources because I'm running Zone Alarm Pro and the free version of System Security Monitor with NOD (and there are a couple of other things watching the Registry - well I did say I was paranoid!).

I have no doubt that, if I attempted to run one of the 'big name' AV's, my computer would grind to a halt. Although I consider myself to be a safe surfer, I will not entrust my online safety to a free AV. Lots of people do and are, apparently, happy to do so, and that's fine by me.
I was under the impression that the system resources used by programs was around about the same for any system except for different OS versions.
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