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What Antivirus Program Uses The Least Resources?

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I'm looking to install one of the big name companies trial antivirus product but want to know the one that uses the least or low resources.
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person said:
I am looking for a big campany product though.
AVG is big.
Panda isn't that heavy. Personally I would just stick with AVG free.
I would definitely stay away from mcafee and norton.
In one word... bloated :)
AVG anti virus free (not anti spyware) does have realtime scanning.
Yeah, in my less techy I thought Norton was the only true antivirus program. :)
Alarm Zone??? You got a link? :)
It depends on the overall specs of the computer. :)
Zone Alarm AV? I am not too sure. :(
1 - 10 of 51 Posts
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