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Weird typing errors

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Please can anyone help me:
Just recently I have started to experience weird typo errors, which can be eradicated (temporarily) by restarting the computer (running Windows98se, with MS Internet Keyboard -IntelliType pro).
For example..after using caps, caps remain after taking finger off shift key. Can be sorted out by using caps again.
..highlighting text cannot be controlled (all type is selected).
.. selecting a desktop shortcut can entail all being selected.
.. using the back (arrow) key can leave numbers inserted at random!
....and other strange effects.

Many thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the board!

It might be a good idea to run an online virus scan, even if it'll serve only to exclude that possibility: Trend Micro HouseCall
Good luck,
Hi pcb, welcome from me as well....

When this starts happening, right click on my computer, properties, performance. What are your system resources?

Also, do you have another keyboard you can try, and are your drivers the most current?

You might also want to try uninstalling any software that came with the keyboard. I purchased a keyboard similar to yours, and experienced a great deal of problems relating to the "hotkey" utility that I received with the keyboard.
This is provided that you recevied any software with this keyboard.

Good Luck

Thanks Toni & AcaCandy for your replies & welcomes,

no Virus, but interestingly - low resourses ( 35% ) and I've
only 2 IExplorer windws open!
I have had lower RESoURSES THAN THIS though, with no probs whatsever.


AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz
Asus A7A266 MoBo
Ali Magik 1 chipset
256 MB DDR memory
LeadtekWinfast Geforce2 pro (NVidia Geforce2 pro) . Driver-Detonator3 v12.41
Pioneer-116 DVD ROM (16X ?)
Award Medallion Bios version 6.0
Asus A7A266 ACPI Bios revision 1002B
Creative soundblaster PCI 128 . Driver -
DirectX 8 (
Windows 98se 4.10.2222A

Any ideas what to do?

thanks once again.
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Just for fun, take a look at what you have running at startup....

Start button, run, then type msinfo32 and hit ok....go to software, start up....edit, select all, edit, copy and come back and paste.
Thanks for input, Columbo & AcaCANDY ( it's at it again!)

Actually, I hadn't mentioned before what I suspect may be the cause- recently, I started using a file clean-up program and deleted the "unnecessary Files" that were found. Most of the files are Temp, but the following might be related:-

" " .idp
" " .obd
" " . obp

I saved all the deleted files, but put them in a special folder in Recycle bin, & now cannot restore them automatically,if needed.
It's quite possible that all these files are "unnecessary"- I am not an expert. I would like to find that they are so I can continue using the clean-up program with confidence.

Any other possible causes?

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Is there any software utility on your system that is related to the keyboard? :confused:
Have you tried using another keyboard, (as per AcaCandy's suggestion)?

I don't think that deleting anything from your temp folder would cause this problem.
Thanks Columbo,

I have no other keyboard, though will try to borrow one if unable to solve this otherwise.

And yes, I do have a key logger, but have been using it for quite some time with no problems.

Will try disabling it.


Go into the Control Panel and then into Accessibility Tools. Something like that. Make sure all options are disabled. Sticky Keys or something similar might be enabled.
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