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Weird Reccuring Problem During high-maintenance games

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Alright, so I don't know exactly if this is just a game problem, or a hardware problem, or both, so apologies in advance if this tread is out of place.

He first, here are my specs:
AMD A8-series 6600K Processor on
GA-F2A68HM-HD2 (rev. 1.0) moderboard with
GTX 960 Graphics Card and
8GB RAM(single slot)
Windows 10, Pro Edittion;
560W Power Source.

Computer is less than an year old since I bought it.
Additional Info:
CPU has undergone low and medium-level overclocking in the past. (6 months). It is not under overclock anymore.
Natural Resolution on monitor is 1920x1080.
It never encountered any problems before.
Computer has 2 system fans, not counting the CPU fan, and all are functioning at full capacity at all times.
GTX 960 has 2 fans of its own, both on full capacity as well.
Computer has been heavily infected with minor viruses in the past.( now have AVAST free)
Problem has gone on for at least 4 months.
I oppened the PC up and looked at the CPU closely. No dust or faulty signs apparent, although the thermal paste does seem to have worn off.

Problem: During high-maintenance gameplay, at one point the CPU laggs behind and I get a Blue Screen Error, or the computer freezes untill I restart manually.
  • CPU laggs and slows. Temperature readings on CPU seem to rise(over 60 degrees Celsius), although the readings aren't consistent on all softwares. However all software do state a temperature increase, which holds over 60 even after restart.
  • After a while of CPU lagg the computer either freezes, or a blue screen error appears:
    • The blue Screens are all related to memory storing, like:
    • Other exceptions may have appeared, by not as often
    • Sometimes the computer stays frozen untill I manually restart, if I leave it alone. If during freeze time I give it a large amount of input( like mouse clicks, windows button presses, alt+tab, alt+f4; ctrl+alt+delete commands, it will eventually end up in a blue screen.)
  • After blue screen or manual restart, Windows pauses in the Bios-entry screen.(not the BIOS screen, but the first screen available, from which you can enter the BIOS screen. the GYGABITE logo appears in the middle.). Windows loading WILL NOT PROCEED from that point. Only way to enter windows is to turn the computer off and on again by the power button, at which point it starts normally.
  • This only happens during gameplay, although it is hard to pinpoint exactly which games and why. However there are some things I know for certain:
    • Computer can run Batman: Arkham Knight on 1360x1080 resolution, on low with no problems or lagg.(higher resolutions inccur lag.)
    • Computer can run Elite: Dangerous at 1960x 1080 resolution, on high with no problems;
    • Computer can run Dishonoured 1360x1080 with no problems.(higher resolutions not tested)
    • Computer cannot run Civ V after a few turns after the modern era. (regardless of resolution.)
    • The same can be said for most other turn-based games. After a random number of turns, the problem occurs.
    • Total War: Arena:
      • after two matches pc crashes regardless.
      • pressence of artilerry increases chance and decreases time it takes for problem to occur;
      • 1960x1080 resolution will cause PC to crash into blue screen in under a minute after game loads. This is when CPU lagg is recorded.
      • Lower resolutions may increase the time it takes for problem to occur, however after the problem occurs once, it will continue to appear if game starts immediately after restart.
    • Problem did occur once when using the image-processing software GIMP, during scaling of high-density pixel images.
Possible causes:
From what I gathered I think the problem may be one of these:
  • Broken/Faulty Hardware pieces: either the
    • CPU is bad;
    • RAM is bad;
    • HDD is bad;
    • Power source is faulty/inssuficient;
  • Invalid registries are blowing everything up;(have used registry cleaners);
  • Viruses did damage Windows fails to recognise and repair;
  • Processor bottlenecks graphics card;
  • I'm failing to see something obvious;
  • Magic gremlings are giving me a nightmare with this.
How can you help:
Really, if you think that you know what part I need to replace/fix, or any other fixes that might work that I have not tried, please do tell me. This has been driving me nuts and killing my favourite pasttime.
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You can test RAM fairly easily:

What are the max CPU temps you are seeing?

What is the exact model of the power supply you have?

If you've had a lot of viruses and used registry cleaners then a backup, wipe and reinstall of Windows may be in order as well.
RAM is OK;
max Temp for CPU that I see without overclocking is 44 degrees Celsius; max temp with overclocking is around 63 degrees (max);
Not sure exactly about the model of the power supply. The case was one from a OCHW Defender, if that helps. 560W
I used the Windows 10 option for a complete reinstall, is that good enough, or do I need to do it the good old fasioned way?

EDIT: Should also say that I benchmarked the components recently and they all faired well individually.
EDIT2: Also, new Bluescreen error: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR(dxgkrnl.xyx)(set Virtual memory to min 3000 max 6000 and ran full chdksd on c. Still reccuring.)
RAM is OK because you tested it with Memtest86+?

Open up the case and read the model of the power supply. Power supplies that come with many cases are garbage. 560 watt means nothing at all.

Which Windows 10 option did you use? After the process you did, did it still have all programs installed or not?
Power Supply model: "Pentium Model 500U";
AC 230
Voltage 230V
ATX Switching powersupply;;

I don't remember exactly which, but no, it did not have previous programs installed, and it did not allow to return to rpevious windows versiona nymore.
Your power supply is garbage, if you plan on keeping your computer I'd recommend you buy a quality power supply intended for gaming.

Corsair, Seasonic, Antec are a couple of good brands but be aware that they also make entry level pwoer supplies for basic computers, you don;t want one of those you want a higher end power supply since you will be gaming. Here's several for the choosing, you want to 500 watts or better:

If you haven't already, update to the latest Dec 21 Nvidia graphics driver:
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