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Weird RAM Issue

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i have a old ASUS P5E or P5E Deluxe LGA775 MOBO. For some weird reason it does not post (no beep no display) when there is some ram in it and when I take out the ram, it beeps that it detects no memory.
Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.80Ghz
ASUS P5E x38 chipset MOBO
RAM some cheap 1 gig sticks from an old HP DC7900.
Another thing: the difference between the P5E and the Deluxe is the chipset as far as I know, P5E is x38 and the Deluxe is x48.
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ASUS P5E Motherboard
ASUS P5E Deluxe Motherboard

Both have 4 DIMM slots and support a maximum of 8 GB(2 GB X 4) of RAM.
Both use 1.8 volt, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, DDR2-667/800 modules.

The HP Compaq dc7900 uses modules with the same specs.
If those 1 GB modules aren't working in your ASUS motherboard, I'm guessing it's a hardware issue.

Could it be a BIOS Issue?
I remeber reading somewhere this motherboard's BIOS would get corrupt over time.
Without being there to see your computer and its hardware, it's impossible for me to know what the issue is.

In my 22 years of using and servicing home computers, I've never heard of or seen a BIOS get corrupted.

Unless you did something to corrupt the bios ie bad flash, then no it is not going to "Corrupt" on it's own.
Most likely a failed board or other hardware problem. That board is now 11yr old and not worth putting any money into fixing whatever is causing the problem.
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