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Weird errors when trying to reset Facebook Password

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I'm not sure, but I can't get into my Facebook & I think it may have something to do with my email. I've tried from my Android phone and multiple laptops and my desktop. I changed my pword Monday at work, but I was interrupted before I could save it. I've tried to reset the pword via my email and im getting weird errors that are the screentshots I attached. Earlier in the year I marked some stuff that FB was sending me as spam/unsub, because I was literally getting like hundreds of emails a day from them. Now the problem is when I try to have a link sent to my email to reset the pword, I don't get the email. I added a filter that sends email with "facebook"directly to my inbox, so now I'm getting alerts from FB messenger when someone sends me a message, but no other emails from them. I was reading that some people had this problem and it was actually an issue with their ISP blocking emails from Facebook because they had marked it spam prior to trying to reset their password. Is there any way to check if my ISP is blocking my pword emails?

There's a button for "didnt get the email?" when I click it, i get a captcha and then this error that says "It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast and youve been blocked from using it". ??

Ive also tried to change the email saying "I cant access my email", but the new email doesnt get a link either.

I also tried resetting it via the "Trusted contacts" feature, but when I enter the codes i get an error saying "Youre trying too often, try again later".

Lastly, I do have my phone number associated with the acct. However after I reinstalled the app, it no longer gives me an option to send a code to my phone. However-and this is so weird to me- when I send an SMS to 32665(fbook), it posts whatever I wrote in the SMS on my wall as a status update(confusing all my friends lol). So there are about a dozen posts on my wall from me saying things like "help", "reset", "OTP", Ive tried waiting overnight before I try the resets, but I keep getting the same errors.
Has anyone ever heard of this, have any idea what's happening or what I need to do? I know it sounds crazy, but its like my life is stored in there, I haven't taken paper pix in years.
Thanks again so much for listening!
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My friend just had this same exact problem a few weeks ago. So basically, Facebook can detect any "malicious" activity within your account. It can be real or it can be false alarm. But Facebook script will prompt your account to be locked.

The only way to get back in is by email or phone number. It's easy if you have access to them. My friend's problem, she forgot her Gmail password which made things impossible. Luckily, her phone number still existed. So she gave the code to me and I helped her get in.

Re-Check your spam rules in your mailbox. Maybe there's something you've missed. Try whitelisting [email protected] However, usually, spammed emails get redirected into your Spam Folder. You can check there.

ISP problem? The only way is to call/email them.
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