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I am currently looking for an website access counter. I am not to familiar with how these work but all the ones I have found require a monthly fee. I know there are freeware counters out there but I don't want any banners added to my page.

I would like to know do I have to use someone else or if I can get counter software (my own)?
If I can any recommendations on the best ones?
If I can't any recommendations on the best ones?

Thanks- BoWillis :D
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Where is your site hosted? What kind of scripts does it support? i.e. cgi, asp, php...
also look into your hosting it might provide counters and statistics already. The easy solution would be too use something like they are free and give not only a counter but statistics like resolution and operating system. Only problem is that the counter that is shows says bravenet, small price to pay.
This one from Microsoft bCentral is good, easy to use and free:
thanks for the recommendations. Im going to host the site on a NT server so i'll be using IIS. i should be able to run cgi and java but not sure.
Fyzbo's link gives pretty good stats. Nothing beats a good script that will let you know what pages were viewed most frequently etc. But that is a free sub that I use on some sites.
am I correct in saying that you plan to host your own site? if so you will have complete control with what languages you can use. check out there are many counters there that you can implement.
Fyzbo - that's a great site you posted... got it bookmarked for future use :D
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