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Over the years, I have had many users ask me how to know if a website has been compromised or not.
In all honestly there is no 100% way to identify compromised websites by looking at it.

Phishing websites can usually be identified by the URL, example: if say bankone has the website and you are on a website that claims to be BankOne, but the url is it more then likely is a phishing websites.

One thing users can do which I am surprised more don't is use a website scanner. such as

This can help protect you.
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some useful info and a very useful site. thanks :)
the more the merrier and i'd like to add Jotti's malware scan,

in Firefox and Pale Moon, use VTzilla:

For Chrome, Opera* and Vivaldi, use VTchromizer:


For Opera, you need to have the following extension installed to be able to get extensions from the Chrome Web Store:

Download Chrome Extension

The option to scan is added to the context (right-click) menu with these extensions.
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You can also use Netcraft tool bar for Firefox, Chrome and Opera
Several Antiviruses use Netcraft toolbar for phishing feeds
Maybe having a section that contains these links would be a good idea? The section could contain the links with a brief description of what they are.

Just a thought to the moderators and admins.
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