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web page not available

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i have been having a series of problems the main one being the statement 'web page not available' no matter what i do on the net i seem to get this randomly appearing and getting more frequent.
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1. How do you connect to the internet?
2. What version of Windows are you running?
3. What browser are you using?
4. Have you tried another browser?
5. What firewall and antivirus programs are you using?
I connect via wifi on plusnet, using chrome on windows 8, I haven't tried other browsers yet as I have found chrome the easiest to use until now, and I use windows defender antivirus.
Hopefully, someone from the UK will looks in and post. I'm in the US and do not know Plusnet.

I also have no experience with Win 8/8.1.
Try to put /index.html at the end of the web adress, that way it will be recognised as a normal standard address. Or try turning on and off the internet and reloading.
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