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I know this is a little off topic, but does anyone have any suggestions for a web host? My current host is making me crazy (no tech support - very poor communication).

I'm looking for something with 100MB disk space, about 8Gb or more of data transfer and lots of features for growing my site (and other sites I have planned). Like cgi bin, perl support, sql so I can have a forum.

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What kind of stuff do you plan to do with your website?

There are so many web hosts now that if you spend some good time looking, you can usually find something that will be perfect for you with a decent price.

Just be careful what "host" you do end up choosing, some of the "cheaper" ones do overload their servers with websites and that takes away from the speed and performance of yours!

But what you are looking for you should be able to easily find for probably around $10 a month or so or less. The below URL features most everything you have requested and I currently have one of my websites there and I have had it there for over a year now and I have no complaints. The only complaint I would have is that their facilities and equipment are very high security, and I have run into a few problems with PERL scripts which have security vulnerabilities (thus were "blocked" by the server). But I really only use PHP and have not yet had a problem. Their tech support is great and I get answers within 24 hours. However, if your the type of person that likes to ask them to do things or changes things on your website, don't count on it; that isn't their job.

This plan is just $9.99 a month and offers 1gb of webspace (other smaller plan features just 50mb for like $4.99). You should not have a problem with the bandwidth (file transfers), although I would ask, because I do not believe it says; and I use their top account so I do not know what this one offers in terms of bandwidth. You get your CGI and everything with it. Go ahead and check it out if your interested.
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Heres who i recommend. A guy I work with, tell him that I sent you and he'll probaly give you a deal.

He's very flexible and you can negotiate his plans.

Like instead of 100mb and 5gb you could raise one and lower the other or somting.

Great for me, never has been down
has php, mysql, cgibin blah blah blah. It basically has everything. ;)

Thanks for the replies. I signed up with a new host and got my site all moved, DNS changed and everything. New host is if you want to check them out.
Thanks and no thanks!

I have absolutely no limits on my hosting :)
Originally posted by CyBerAliEn:
Thanks and no thanks!

I have absolutely no limits on my hosting :)
Obviously there are physical limitations that I cannot exceed ;)

But with my hosting plan I am granted unlimited web space, bandwidth (except it will throttle so that the server will not become so busy as to give you crappy load times and download speeds; unless of course your ISP isn't doing too great at the time), email accounts, "sub" FTP accounts, and just about everything else you can think of.

The ONLY complaint I would have is that the servers are setup so secure that several PERL scripts I used to want to use would not be allowed to run. But PHP is works great and that is what I prefer.
There are so many hosting plans it's overwhelming to check out so many. If this one does not work out, I will check out the ones posted here. Thanks for the suggestions.

One caution about the so-called unlimited hosting plans is that many of them will cancel you if you use more than they think you should. Read over at forums and you will see lots of interesting feedback about hosting companies.
I am well aware of that, but they have yet to complain about the 3gb or so I have; and for how much I am paying I would hope not, lol... This isn't no $10 a month hosting either, I pay more to get more :D
Instead of paying for more, I settle for less but pay nothing when it comes to web hosting. I like for my hosting needs myself. They offer 100 megs of space, fast and reliable servers, many resources, a short url, and more! They say that your bandwidth is unmetered, but I bet they only allow about 10 GB of bandwidth a month.

All in all, I think that is one of the best free hosting solutions available!

Hope this helped you! Also, if you want to see an example of a site hosted there, click on the link below.

Vegeta's DragonBall Z Domain

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