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web host needed

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hey! i volunteered in Thailand last year working with refugee children and then made a website to attract more volunteers.

i posted to this forum back in February about finding a webhost willing to volunteer their services and was very lucky to get a response.

so the user 'Biker' ( ) hosted my site until a week or two ago when my site and his began displaying this 'This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.'

now, i cant get a hold of him...

SO i was hoping that someone might know a webhost interested in helping out this refugee school with either free hosting or even a discount!

its a really good cause. the children are so bright and full of life despite living such a difficult life. i'd be happy to answer any questions about the program!

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1and1 is really good - they gave me free hosting for 3 years as introduction to the U.S. market...

Free hosting period has expired, still stand by them....
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