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Web Content viewing problems

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I'm posting this for a friend who is having trouble accessing web pages. They seem to be
having 2 general problems. One, they can't view any .jpegs on web sites. And most web
pages come up "white". I know this isn't all that much to go on, but any clues you
might have for me to help them would be appreciated.


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Ok, we are there, what do suggest next?
ok, sorry new at screen shots, how?
ok, thanks, I 'll see if they can do all that
they are not able to print the screen, but they tell me that the content adviser is
not enabled
They are direct-connected to a dial-up. at 42.6baud
I had them try that already, they claim it is the same
they said instead of "red x's" they get "dominoes"
Maybe they don't have the right .jpeg mapping ? What would be the appropriate program
to open a .jpeg in FF?
mmm ok, but they have FF running now and it still doesnt display jpegs.
Yes, I am almost positively sure that they did. Sounds like I should have the re-install without importing?
1 - 14 of 23 Posts
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