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Web browser does not work

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I use a laptop (windows 11). My web browsers do not work (chrome, edge etc. none work). Internet (through LAN) works just fine. The rest of the laptop seems to work just fine as well. I reset one of the browsers (factory settings), still doesn't work. The browsers were working perfectly and then suddenly they stopped working. I also restarted the laptop..still doesn't work. I checked for viruses, there is nothing. No weird processes in task manager either. The browser opens, I type something, press enter, it loads for 20-30 seconds and I get the error message. I have tried everything that I know of. If anyone got any ideas, please let me know.

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Welcome to the forum, Paul. A couple of things to start off: you'll see in the banner at the top of this thread there's a link to tsginfo.exe. Please download and run this on your laptop and then post the results back to this thread so we have an idea of what we're dealing with regarding your system.

  1. Before the browsers stopped working, did you install any software / updates / browser add-ins?
  2. Which specific error message do you get in the browsers?
To run a check on the system, click on the Windows Start button, type in CMD, and then click on Run as administrator for the Command Prompt. Once the dialogue window is open, type the following into it and then hit the Enter key:

SFC /scannow
Let it scan your system and see if it finds any errors. If it does, hopefully it can repair them properly for you. If so, try rebooting, logging back in, and then trying to use one of your browsers.
Log into the Administrator account and enter the console for the Command Prompt. Ping If your computer/laptop has an Internet connection to the router, you should get a successful ping result. This is if the laptop has Internet WiFi or Ethernet connectivity. For a failed ping to, a router power cycling should be the next course of action. Let us know if this made any difference.
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