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We lost another helo, but the crew is ok.

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If you happened to catch the news 2 days ago about a helicopter that was hit by an RPG near Fallulah(sp?), that was one of my helos. The crew escaped with non-life threatening injuries. I'll fill you in with the story later.

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Thanks all, I'm just getting my newly built computer running, so I'll tell the tale later. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.
Here's the deal in a nutshell:

2 Ship at 200 feet on approach to an LZ in Iraq.
Flew over some bad guys who shot 3 RPG's at them.
The first 2 missed, but the third hit Chalk lead in the cockpit, taking out part of the lower instrument panel, throttle quadrant, and overhead instrument panel.
It blew the helmet off of the co-pilot (left seat), dislocated the shoulder of the pilot (right seat), and caused some facial injuries to the Flight Engineer in the center seat.
No injuries (that I know of) to the F.E. and the 2 gunners in the backend.
The pilot continued the approach (with a dislocated shoulder) and landed safely. They had to shut it down by using the overhead cables in the cabin, since there was no throttle quadrant. They all got out and went to Chalk 2 and took off with no further incident. The only serious injury was the guy in the center seat, they had to operate on his eyes. Not sure if both eyes are ok, or if 1 is ok and the other they're not so sure about.
In the end, those guys are #1 in my book for landing a helo safely after taking an RPG through the cockpit.
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They went to the other helicopter in the formation
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