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.wav files - downloading onto my computer

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I can't figure out how to save .wav files from a website.
The instructions are: Q: How do I save these files?
A: If you're a Windows user using Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, etc, right-click on the link to the file and choose the "save" or "save target as" option.

However, when I rightclick on the link, the "save" or "save target" options are not available. My only choices are:
Open and Open in new window and copy shortcut??

How can I make those "save" choices available?

Or is there another way to download the .wav files?
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I've had trouble with IE since I downloaded the last fix through windows updates on my home pc. I tried to do the autorepair, but can't get it to repair, only uninstall.
I have another idea though. I AM able to download the .wav files on my laptop. Can I e-mail the .wav files to myself at my home pc? Or transfer them via my cd burner? I'm pretty sure that will work. So, I guess I solved my own problem.

I downloaded onto my laptop today a .wav clip from Walt Disney's Aladin movie (the obnoxious parrot) which says "I can't take this any more". I have that set to play when I shut down Windows:D I want to put "Here's looking at you kid" when I open my search file.......I love messing with wav files.
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