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Water in Laptop LCD

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My two year old spray glass cleaner on my laptop, quite a bit actually, and some got inside of the LCD screen. The screen still works but you can see the liquid in there and the display looks terrible.

I had a friend you suggest putting some isopropanol up in there as it will facilitate getting the water out but I shied away from putting anything else in there unless Im sure the only other alternative is to buy a brand new screen.

Can I assist in getting the water out using a hair dryer or perhaps there is some kind of safe solvent I could use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hair dryer is not a good idea as lcd's(most laptops) are very sensitive to heat. Think of what happens to your cell phone or palm if you leave it in the sun. Not so sure i'd try the alcohol either as this could be corrosive. How long has the water been in there? It might dry up from heat of monitor and then recheck what your display looks like
Laptop LCDs do not get hot.

You're probably going to have to replace the screen. Boy am I glad I don't have kids. I hope the laptop wasn't new.
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