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hey in my temp folder theres this folder i cant delete... ill show you some screen shots its kinda self explanatory of how screwed up it is

everything starts out fine

still looks pretty normal

whoa i don't even have that many gigs and look at all those messed up file names


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so can anyone tell me how to get rid of this
Quick look on google suggests its a temp program associated with a graphics program. Guess this is all useless info for you. It may be that the folder cant be deleted as its a folder that has to exist to make one of your programs work. Would be interesting to click on properties of the folder and see what its properties actually are, and can you change the properties so that it can be deleted.
I don't know much, but thats the path I'd explore.
Go to Start - Find - Files And Folders. Delete everything that appears under:



Cannot remove folder gfx: Access is denied. The source file is in use.
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