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Warning About Windows Vista

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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 24 — Microsoft is facing an early crisis of confidence in the quality of its Windows Vista operating system as computer security researchers and hackers have begun to find potentially serious flaws in the system that was released to corporate customers late last month.

On Dec. 15, a Russian programmer posted a description of a flaw that makes it possible to increase a user’s privileges on all of the company’s recent operating systems, including Vista. And over the weekend a Silicon Valley computer security firm said it had notified Microsoft that it had also found that flaw, as well as five other vulnerabilities, including one serious error in the software code underlying the company’s new Internet Explorer 7 browser.

The browser flaw is particularly troubling because it potentially means that Web users could become infected with malicious software simply by visiting a booby-trapped site. That would make it possible for an attacker to inject rogue software into the Vista-based computer, according to executives at Determina, a company based in Redwood City, Calif., that sells software intended to protect against operating system and other vulnerabilities.
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One thing that is bad is that Gates, etal. desired Vista to be so secure from the start, but evidently that goal was not obtained - at least not yet. Interesting article from earlier this year from Bill:

For some articles pertaining to Vista:

And then if anyone wants to snoop ;) into some email from the Windows guys:

For a final laugh, this article gave me a chuckle:
Two months ago I said in a thread somewhere here that Vista was going to suffer the same fate as ME and I still stand by that.

I cut my teeth on 98 and it was painful. When I went to XP it was like winning the lotto. With 98 one actually needed to know a thing or two about computers to put it back on the tracks when it ran off. XP is so intuitive that a caveman can operate it.

XP has never given me any serious trouble and it is going to be tough for Microsoft to beat it in my opinion.

I will stay with XP until it is no longer supported. As a fair weather computer enthusiast which is a category that probably most people fall into, I don't need anything more that XP together with Zone alarm, a router, and a decent AV program like AVG. and some common sense. Throw in a decent spyware program and your good to go
Two months ago I said in a thread somewhere here that Vista was going to suffer the same fate as ME and I still stand by that.
Microsoft will probably do everything they can to avoid Millennium's fate, I read they spent over 10 billion dollars developing it so they're going to want to recover that money at the very least. But I agree, except for its installation in new computers I don't expect business owners or home users to rush out and get it anytime soon. Why should they when 2000 and XP are still supported and work so well?

Not only that but Vista does require some hardware upgrades, which may be cost inhibitive for some and could be another dissuading factor. I would venture to guess a sizable number of people don't even have a DVD player yet to install Vista.
vista is going to level the playing field between apple and MS much more than apple's slick ad campaign will.
I'd be very curious to know what MS would do if Vista turns out to be a lemon before it reaches most user's hands and people stick to their guns, ignore Vista and stick with XP....

Hmm.....I wonder..
ballpark570 said:
XP is so intuitive that a caveman can operate it.




I sure don't think vista is going to be another millenium. Already mentioned they have put way to much time and money into it. Vista is going to be the next OS and going to be sought after just as XP was from windows 98. Once it is out for a little while and people start to see what they can do with it and so on, the "I wants" will start in and people go out and get it. True old Bill wanted it to be secure as possible before launch and is one of the reasons it has been pushed back so many times, but no OS is perfect and never will be. Always going to have open windows. Stability on the other hand is another issue all together and Vista at least the last (final) release seems pretty stable.
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