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Want to use Microsoft Outlook 2000 to access my Internet Mail.

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I have two issues.

1. How do I access my Internet Mail using Microsoft Outllook which I can do using Outlook Express and also.

2. How do I share my pst file (personal) to have other people in the same workgroup access the personal folders (pst file) in their computers.

Please how do I do that? Can anyone help me out on this?




By using the helpful notes by "putasolution", I have managed to access my internet e-mail in outlook NOW.

So my main problem now is to share the pst file in a folder so the other computers on the same workgroup can access that folder. I am having a bit of a difficulty because there is a limitation that pst files can not be accessed simulteaneously at any one time. So How can all computers access the pst file simulteaneously at any given time.

Is there are way around this?


Thanks Putasolution for your help. Very Helpful.
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Odau and I are members of the same workgroup with this problem.
We are having limited success because we have two computers on our small network that need to be able to access the same pst file at the same time.
(The pst file contains e-mail folders that two workstations need constant access to.)
Would it be possible to make a shadow copy of the main pst file and set up a macro to update the shadow copy every time the original pst file is altered (ie with new incoming or outgoing mail.) This would at least allow a second computer to read the shadow copy while the original is in use by another computer. Even better, could the macro update the original pst file every time the shadow copy is changed too?

Just an idea but I would have no notion how to do it.
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