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Want to Use Domain Box as DNS Server as well

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Hi, You guys have been great to help me out, now I have another project.
We currently have one NT 4 Server as our PDC with 3 Win 2 K Server boxes for various other things such as file server, mail server, SQL server, ect...
We would like to take our NT 4 box and have it act as our DNS Server as well. The PDC is only used for authenication. No apps are run off it or anything else for that matter.

Is OK to do?

If so do I just follow MS suggestions and do the Wizard to include this as DNS server. We have register with the Net all applicable
Domian Name rsgistration required.
In fact on this box is where our DNS that were given to us reside at.
Also I am sure I need to schedule a time to do this where as no
one is using the network to much so I can reboot the server as well.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Or would it be better to build a WIN2K box, but the problem I have there is how would migrate all the users I have into W2K Server?


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