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Want to setup home network to watch VR Videos

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Is it possible as I hear VR videos are too heavy on bandwidth for any home network system to support. Given the advancements in technology and the fact that VR has been here for quite a while now, I am skeptical.

kindly let me know if it's possible, if yes I would like your opinion on the cheapest way possible to build such network for home.
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If you network isn't capable of handling it is creating a home network going to change that. You're still using the same amount of bandwidth that you ISP provides?

I dont know about VR but what I just searched for says you need a VR headset and very good PC hardware.
Depends on what exactly you are trying to do and the source of the video. There are numerous sources (for various types) of VR video files. Downloading and playing VR video files is no different than any other video files.

All you need, as noted above, is the hardware capable of playing the files. IE: powerful enough PC, video card, and of course a VR headset.
Sorry for missing out on the details.

I have a Oculus Go (A standalone VR Headset) and VR videos on my PC which I think is capable enough. I have Skybox installed on both devices which enables one to stream the videos from within Intranet. So basically the bandwidth I am talking about is of Intranet and does not concern my ISP.
Considering the bandwidth needed as well as storage space, plus the speeds of the drives and network, I doubt it will come cheaply. How is the VR connected?
WiFi, I have a standalone VR .. Oculus go. Already have more than enough storage, connection to the drives are all USB 3 which I think should be sufficient for any Intranet. All I need to know if it's possible. You'll have to take in the factor of data rate at which VR videos are streamed at (which I don't know), then suggest if some combination of hub/access point and WiFi card would support that data rate.
I have seen it to be between 5Mb and 35Mb. I guess it depends on the video.

As long as you are using .ac devices you should be good. Do you know what the wifi specs is on the VR?
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