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Ok. I have searched and searched for an answer and I have to see if you folks have one.

My sister in law signed up with Wal-Mart Connect, which then became Netscape Connect and is apparently a spawn of Comcast/AOL. At any rate, walmart connect no longer exists.

When I check her email connection through the Netscape Connect button it goes to the site and I can send/receive and read mail. Her email still ends in, even though now she is with

I know I can check her mail, it works. I want to set her up so that her mail goes through the Outlook 2003 on her laptop instead of that pop-up ridden gaudy, klunky, teen magazine interface from the site she connects to. It says it can be done and I spent an hour with my Indian friends at tech support going through their prepared scripts trying to make it work. It will not.

I searched MS Outlook knowledge base and found only the same info for settings I have already tried. In theory everything is set up correct.

They say it is an IMAP account and the servers are and I fill in all the info and when I go to check the IMAP folders it says outlook is not connected, server can't be found, etc. If I use all the same settings, or even, with a POP3 account I get server can't be found errors. Tech support was no help.

I changed settings in the firewall to allow anything to do with Outlook and wmconnect and the ports used. Tried disabling the firewall and Antivirus (Comodo 3 and AVG8). Nothing works.

Are there any suggestions out there besides the obvious "dump netscape connect/aol?"

Here is a screenshot of the error messages. It says it cannot connect to the server, but I can via the regular connect button on the desktop so the server is not down.

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