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Wacky CD-Rom issues

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I'm about ready to tell my client he needs a new MB -

The CD-Rom is recognized by the computer in bios and windows
but I cant access it for anything. In windows it shows up as being empty. Same for DOS.

I try to boot from CD and get nothing. Ive checked :

Switched drives - it's not the CD rom drive.
Switched cables - not the cable
even switched IDE slots - does the same in both slots.

I really haven't a clue. Maybe a virus? Bad MB?

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Tough one... Be sure you are using a readable CD for these experiments too. Some CD drives actually are finicky about reading some kinds of media, particularly older drives.
Do a bit more poking around in cmos. Most computer bios/cmos versions actually have 2 or 3 places that turn on an IDE channel. If even one of them is off, the device won't work.
Check the power plug. Maby only some of the power is getting through. The plug leads push out of place easily and can be pushed back in with a small screwdriver.
Then try a bios flash or at least a cmos jumper reset. Fiddle around with write-back caching and maby floppy seek? I dunno... just a few ideas.
try deleting it from the device manager rebooting and let windows reinstall
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