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Alright, one of my users is on a Dell Optiplex using Windows 2000.
We cannot add a printer, at all...
I can open the printers folder, and in there is the icon for 'Add Printer', but when I double-click on it, absolutely nothing happens, nada, zip, zero...
I went through and made sure that all the latest hotfixes, patches, and service packs are installed, but still nothing...
Upon going into Device Manager, I noticed that the printer was listed as 'Unknown Device', hmm...
But then I looked at everything else, (NIC, display adapter, sound card, and all that good stuff), and EVERYTHING is listed as an unknown device :confused:
The wierd thing is, is that everything else works fine despite being 'unknown'.
So I've been searching ALL over the web to see if anyone knows anything about what's going on here, but no luck.
Hopefully you fine people, who have been so helpful in the past, can come up with something.
So does anyone know if these two issues are related?
Even if they're not, does anyone know how to fix either one?
I would rather not reinstall 2000, but if it comes down to it... :mad:

Thanks :D
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