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Hello all, first of happy holidays! Hope everyone gets what they wish for.

Let me cut to the chase quickly. I'm a PC Tech but school ended quite a few years ago.

I ws hired last week by a great company, an outlet for distributing pc's, washing machines etc.. its a great job, i simply go to houses, install pc's, when they have a problem i do the housecall and fix their stuff.

Now my problem is this, after moving two pc's around the vpn connection is no longer working. (for the two, 1 can connect thats in it's original position)

All of the details about the two machines in question are this: Under IE Options, Connections, LAN settings, proxy server- the name and port are there, etcetc:6588 but with that enabled i can not connect to the net or the special site they go to for their business purposes. I had to uncheck it just so we at least have a net connection.

So how do i get this connection working again so that i can have the net and proxy server running at the same time? It's very confusing to me because it seems so trivial! My boss is barely around and he doesn't really expect me to do this but c'mon, it's windows.. i've been playing around on a pc since 1989 with my BBS. (atari 800xl lol)

Do I create a new vpn connection? Should i change the proxy settings? (as far as i remember the proxy settings are all the same domain:port for all pc's) but when try connecting to the net when the proxy server is enabled it's trying to connect to a local host on our server IE: but there's no activity after.

Really these are all the details i can give, i'm hoping someone can help me out it'd be a great surprise for my boss if i can solve this without him expecting it of me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I'd really appreciate some help with this. There is no other info i can provide other than in a nutshell:

1) Moved some PC's around
2) they don't connect to anything with the proxy server enabled
3) without the proxy server i can at least get to the net

See you, take care!

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