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Hi All. I stumbled into a vpn network situation I don't know how to handle... any help would be appreciated.

A server that was handling Routing and remote access went down, and the previous admin somehow had that box set up to forward VPN connections over to the Win 2003 AD server. Thinking I'd just eliminate the broken box, I set up the AD server with a VPN through a "custom" on routing and remote access.

I can resolve a vpn connection internally ( but not externally (72.56.23.x). I'm sure that port 1723 is forwarded, and have had our ISP (who controls the modem/router) test it - they can telnet in on port 1723 from insiode the network but not from outside. There are no visable firewalls on the 2003 server.

Thinking outside the box, I figured I'd use Hamachi to bridge the network between Lafayette and Houston, but for some reason it won't install correctlly on the LAfayette win 2000 sp4 server. Furthermore, while I can RDP into the 2003 server via hamachi, I cannot browse the network (it says client connections aren't allowed from this computer, although everything was working fine with the old routing server was up).

I've worked around it for the moment by having houston VPN into our windows 2000 box, but that cuts off another office in a different city that needs to get to Houston.

Is there some invisable firewall or setting that could be disallowing packets from port 1723 on the windows 2003 server? Is there something I'm missing? I would SINCERELY appreciate any help or advice anyone has. I'm also open to the suggestion of other easy 3rd party tools to get this up and going. If anyone has any advice, I'd really love to hear it.

Thanks so much.

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