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Volume is marked as dirty

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Heres what shows up:

>Verifying file system.
Checking Volume /dev/rdisk3s2...
Type of the filesystem is NTFS.
Volume label is: SeaGate 5Tb.
Volume is marked as dirty.
$UpCase file is formatted for use in Windows Vista.
4657.33 GB total disk space.
2873.53 GB in 1943 files.
1156 KB in 639 directories.
220864 KB in use by the system.
64 MB occupied by the log/journal file.
4 KB in each allocation unit.
1220891135 total allocation units on volume (4657.33 GB).
467556727 allocation units available on volume (1783.59 GB).
No repairs were necessary for volume /dev/rdisk3s2.
File system check exit code is 0.

The problem is it doesn't show up in Kodi

Nor the TV media player or on my imac.
But it does show up on windows/Ubuntu.

I also don't want to format it.
Thanks in advance
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reboot the computer into command prompt and then run a chkdsk /r.
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