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VMM(12)+00004C3C Error BLAHBLAHBL

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Wassup TSG, Quick question. Im getting this error.....
VMM(12)+00004C3C Error:OE:0028:C0283C3C
OK, now this is the proposed solution (just wanna know if this is what I should do). Boot to safe mode once I turn on the system press F8 and go to safe mode. once there press start then select run... type scanreg.exe Will this fix the problem? What will this do?
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If you are able to boot into safe mode go to the start\run line and type in Scanreg /fix and hit enter. It would be better if you did it from the DOS Prompt.

Thanks Davey, type it in like this.....Scanreg/fix or Scanreg /fix? I can do it in safe mode,start,run but how do I get to the DOS prompt?
The command should be entered as scanreg /fix

If you can get to Safe Mode, AND this is WinME, just go to start > run and enter it. You will be prompted to reboot.

If you cannot get to Safe Mode and this is WinME you will have to use a WinME startup floppy and run the command from the a:> prompt. You can also run

scanreg /restore

and choose a registry which predates the problem.

If this is NOT WinME (and this appears to be a WinME associated error, by the way), you must boot to a DOS prompt by tapping f8 on restart and selecting the command prompt. Win ME has no real mode DOS prompt other than the boot disk itself.

^^ the command line here is different but should result in the same thing if the registry is found to be corrupt.
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Thanks alot RR, your'e a big help.
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