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ive tried everything i know to do, including un-installing a few that i thought might be the problem

when i play any kind of video file, from web, on a dvd or anything. i get some sort of tie dyed looking play, looks like the brightness is just way out of wack but adjusting in the media player doesnt correct it any

here are a list of the media players i have:

windows media 11
quick time 7.1.3
Divx Player
Abit Siluro DvD 4
Nero Showtime (version 7 i think)

the Quick time seems to play stuff ok when the file is in that format, all others seem to be messed up, i would have to guess that its the Abit DvD 4 or Nero Showtime causing the problems but im not sure

thanks for any help you could give me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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