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Visual C Runtime error

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I read thru the other runtime errors but didn't find this one. A few days ago I had to reformat my computer. Now I've frequently started getting the following message:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!

I get this message when doing various things, it doesn't happen with only one application.

How do I solve this error message??
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Hi geeknee, Welcome to TSG !!
Wizhost.exe file is related to the Wizard Host Online software. It is used by the internet Keyboard that comes with the system. Wizhost is just to help get you registered.
Try this:
1.) Click on Start-> Find-> Files & Folders-> In "Named:" enter wizhost.exe
2.) Make sure "Look in:" is pointed at the C:\ drive
3.) Click on "Find Now"
4.) Rename it to wizhost.old
5.) Close the Find utility
6.) Restart the computer"

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Thanks TW56, I did what you suggested & we'll see what happens.
P.S. This is the BEST support forum site I've ever seen!
Your Welcome and Good Luck!!

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