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virus emails

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is there a way to stop emails that contain virus and send from different address?
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No, there are not.

The only thing you need is a first rate antivirus you update with the latest virus definitions weekly.

This is caused by people that know other people, that know yet other people that happen to have you in their Outlook Express address book, and who didn't take the precaution to install an antivirus.
yeah i know, but it is so annoying that ppl just keep sending you the email with virus on it, and there is no way stopping it.
You could email the people who are sending you infected emails and tell them they have a virus and to remove you from their address book on that computer for the time being until they have got an antivirus.
The People sending you the e-mails may not know their sending you a virus. They may not even know their sending you an e-mail at all.

Hi there, Two things worth trying, download AVG anti-Virus, although free it is excellent and has beaten my Norton 2002 to 2 emails so far. Also Zonealarm keeps an eye out for spurious e-mail attachements. and

Hope this will help, but to absolutely make sure get a good anti-virus program, Norton being a common one also Mc Afee.
sorry, one other thing is use your main e-mail for close friends and family and get a web based account like Hotmail, for everyone else which has its own virus program and I believe is always up to date.

I still say to be sure get a good a-v program
I know im going on but somewhere I read that if you put your own address in your e-mail if you do get a virus like a worm which sends itself out to people you will be emailed and know.

Just a handy hint that all should do:)
thanks all your help, but i think we are little bit off track right now.

the problem is, i knew those email are virus, i did not dl it, i deleted right away. but the emails just keep coming and coming from all different kind of person or computer, so you can't really block one and it will work, you have to block 10, 20 or 100 of them, i was just wondering anything that will filter out those viruse emails with the attachment. so i don't have to keep deleting them
I will find out and let you know shortly, sorry about the confusion
You could go here and get MailWasher.

It will let you have control of the email before it gets to your PC.
it seems it is for personal use, is there any corporate edition.
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