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Virus Corrupted WINSOCK32.DLL

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I contracted a virus (hybris worm) and my antivirus software told me that affected file was winsock32.dll and that I must replace it with a clean version.

My question is - how do I get hold of a clean version on winsock32.dll and is it as simple as deleting the 'dirty' file and putting a clean version of the file in the same folder??

Thanks for your help

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Do this to extract a new copy of wsock32.dll to the System folder at c:\windows\system and be sure you did rename any other wsock32.dll files to wsock32.old

You only want to have one wsock32.dll file on the drive and it should be in the System folder.

Start | Run type in SFC and press enter. At the bottom of the dialog box select "Extract one file from the installation disk". Now key in Wsock32.dll and click on Start. Insert your W98 CD or obviously skip this step if your W98CD is loaded on the hardrive. If the "Restore From" box is empty, click on Browse and point it to the Win98 folder on the W98 CD in your CDRom drive or if you have no W98 CD try c:\windows\options\cabs. The "Save File To" should already be defaulted to c:\windows\system. Click on OK to restore it. You'll be prompted to backup the current one, just take the defaults. Then follow the prompts to restart the PC so the new copy of the file is loaded.

Also, have you fully removed the virus?

Was this what you found? If not, what was the full name?

Also, go here and doublecheck that we have removed all the components. Downlaod Startup Log, install and run it. Allow the DOS window to close, then copy/paste the list:



You can restore it from your Windows CD-ROM.

Take a look here: How to extract files in Windows 98 and Windows Me

It deals with Wsock32.dll specifically.

And here's another one: Wsock32.dll Extraction Instructions

Good luck,
Thanks, guys for your detailed responses - i'll give those a shot and let you know how it went.


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