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Virus Aftermath Recovery

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I had big problems that thank heavens is over, except that there are a few things that I am having trouble with now.

I still cant use Disk Clean up and I cant get MSMoney 2003 to open -- if it is effecting other programs I havent noticed yet.

Please help if you can, my OS is Windos XP. McAffee VirusScan, AdAware6.0, Spybot where all used to eliminate the unwanted garbage and I have Hijack if it will help.

and Please--How do I keep my guests from accessing Porn sites-- which cause all this terrible trouble :(

I want to strictly limit the internet access for my limited accounts. I want to type in what sites are ok, not just put pass words in place.

Thank You for your time, I hope you can help,
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Maybe the tip in this MS article will help:;en-us;812248

Even if the SYMPTOMS are not alike it worth a try.
Kool Thanks
It looks like my system just needed me to run the compressed old files in a seperate disk clean up.
So now I check all the small files and then run disk clean up again for each of the larger ones and compress old files is the largest of all of them :</

Its all Good, now :)
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