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Virtual Memory

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Here's hoping someone can tell me first of all if there is such a thing as virtual memory, and if so, how do I "increase" it if I've been told it's "low". I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but i have 384 mg of RAM. Thank you in advance.
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What OS are you using

different OS have different ways to access settings but as a rule unless you need to change it let windows manage virtual memory is the best way to prevent running out
I'm using Windows ME and have found web pages and other things loading very slowly these days. I have a DSL connection. Thanks for answering and any further responses.
1. Right click on My Computer and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Then switch to the performance tab and select Virtual Memory.

check settings if you don't want windows to manage it for you then set the minimum and maximum numbers to a suitable setting. as a rough guide minimum should be 2.5 times physical ram so if you have 384 meg ram set virtual minimum at 900 or thereabouts and maximum I normally set at double minimum or leave at max amount available on hard disc.

however if you are experiencing slowdowns etc, a better solution in the first instance is to clean up hard disc, remove tempory internet files, scan disk and defrag, that should make a lot more difference

Slow loading webpages are unlikel;y to be due to low virtual memory but other causes,

a regurlar cause of the slow down is spyware and malware on your computer taking up bandwith

try to download spybot from

install it and go to online, update to latest definitions and run it, you will be suprised how much junk you might have on your system slowing it down
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Thank you Derek. I will first of all de-frag, do a scan disk and rid myself of my temporary internet files, though I usually do this on a weekly basis. I installed Spybot a few weeks ago but I'm not sure if it's doing it's job properly. As a last result I will follow your path to my virtual memory button and set minimum and maximum levels, though I understand it's usually better to let Windows manage such an operation. It could very well be all the clutter I have when I start up the computer. To be totally honest with you, I really don't have a clue what's good or not so good at start up, though I'm sure some things I definitely don't need for one reason or another. I'm always worried however that I will screw up something with the registry if I try to eliminate more than I should.
BTW, is there a particular test I can run to see if in fact my virtual memory is low?
Read here about virtual memory

There are no tests for virtual memory
it should never be too low, because it doesn't really exist. It is a part of your hard disc that is set aside for windows to use, when you run out of physical ram.

Windows will always fill ram with whatever it thinks it might need and 98/me are not very effficient at releasing ram after it has been used and is no longer needed.

The secret is to have as little started up as possible and close unwanted applications
thx.......appreciate the help ;)
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