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bigmikem90 said:
i just started getting an error message that says i am low on virtual mem and to make adjustment, how do i do this.

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HI there,

U can try this :

1) Right click on "My computer" which is on the desktop
2) Select properties to bring up "System properties" window
3) Click on "Advanced" tab
4) On the "formance" section click on "settings" button
5) On the "performance option" window, click on "Advanced" tab
6) On that window you will see the 3rd section ," virtual memory", you can also see the total amount of paging file size currently set. If you more than one hard disk , then the humber represent the total amount taken from all the HD.
7) Click on button "Change" opens up the "virtual Memory" window.
8) The box on the top will list all the HD volumes. Select the HD that you want to increase the virtual memory
9) Key in the amount : initial size(MB) as well as the max size(MB)
) You can also let the system size by selecting the "system managed size" the downside to that it it will keep increasing at and when it needs to so if your hard disk have limited space then you might get errors like what you are experiencing at the moment.

My advice is that, I created a separate partition for the paging file. giving 1.5 X amount of memory I have. Dont give it too much space as it might slow your PC performance down. Dont give it too little as when the OS needs more it will freq go to the HD and slows down the memory access.

Hope that will helps.

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