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Vinyl player issues

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Hi, i've recently picked up a new vinyl player, which requires a 16v adapter, I was told a 12v adapter would work with it, however, the table doesn't turn when switched on using a 12v power supply. How can i check whether there's a problem with the mechanism, or whether it just needs a 16v adapter, would rather know prior to buying all the necessary cables as returning them would be a hassle.
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if it requires 16v - then 12v will not work correctly and you have ben badly advised
Also are you aware of the real need to check the orientation of the adapter output
I do not of course know what sort of adapter it is but lets deal with the female output to male input on the player

as you can see either tip or sleeve can be positive
On some adapters for multi type connections the actual connection to the output lead eg. male, female, size etc. is made so that the pinout is easily changed by the way the output adapter is connected to the main output lead
On some it cannot be changed and if you connect wrongly the player certainly will NOT work - even if with 12 volts it would, but be very slow on spin

I feel certain the handbook for the vinyl player must have some detail
Also are you absolutely certain that the power supply required is DC output
I suspect it may be 16v AC output

AND you need the correct rating be it DC or AC
If a mains adapter PSU can supply 12v at 200Ma and your player requires 12v at 500Ma - milliamps it is no good
The amperage is demanded by the device so an adapter which can supply 750Ma for a 500Ma demand would be OK
Also for something such as a record player you need a stabilized PSU - a cheapo will be very likely to supply all manner of voltages - do not for one moment please - presume that because it says 12v at ?Ma that is what it is going to supply
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I see you have viewed the reply is it any help
hi, bought a 16v power supply recently to see if it would spin with 16v instead of 12, however it is not spinning. I think at this point I'm pretty sure it is just a broken vinyl player tbh and will just have to return it.
16v AC I presume
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