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Viglen Connect 10" Tablet

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I bought one of these and it had windows 10 installed but the touchscreen and the sound just wouldn't work, I managed to the drivers for the touchscreen but the sound was just a problem and I've seen this is the issue for many others, tried for ages, everything on the net, nothing worked.

Today I solved it the sound is low, not sure if that's just how they are. in the viglen downloads section there's a section for laptops_tablet, I've used the duo tablet drivers and they work for everything, no yellow triangles, touchscreen and yes, sound, in and out .

So this is a Viglen duo connect 2 in 1 tablet. model might be NXRV1001, mine has a little kickstand at the back like a surface. Package/

Hope this helps anyone struggling with the audio drivers on this one.
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It seems you have to change to and drop /files now, so the new link is :- Package/

I have a Viglen Connect 10" tablet, without the stand part, and the drivers for it are here :- 10/
That Zip download audio driver is different so it might be worth installing it on the 'duo' to see if the volume will go any higher.
The touchscreen driver is also at that link as a separate download.
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