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Video Quality

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Hi i have a sony DCRTRV33 cam corder and a p.c with the following specs

P4 3.06GHz (HT)
120 GB Deskstar HDD
Gefroce FX5200 graphics card

I am currently using a trial version of video studio to see if i can get the hang of video editing.

What i want to do is take some video i have got on my cam corder and make some changes then burn it onto dvd. However when i do this the output quality is very poor, even though i have transfered it at the highest resolution the software will let me, 724*something! (sorry cant remember the resolution)

Any suggestions on improving the quality would be great thanks

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Hi Mikeybude25
When you say the output quality is poor do you mean before you burn to dvd or after.

I've got a Sony DCRTRV 530 and also use Ulead Video Studio. Only difference is I do use a firewire and don't have a dvd burner. But I have burned to SVCD with no problems.

Could be the firewire.
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